Portable Dental Program


To learn about upcoming events, contact us at 832-927-7373 or follow @hcphtx on social media for more updates.

This Mobile Team will utilize portable dental equipment to take services into a variety of community settings to deliver care. Development of this portable dental equipment model will allow us to provide dental services in areas that may not be able to accommodate a Mobile Dental Unit on site as we will have the capacity to take and set up the equipment inside of partner facilities.

Our goal is to provide dental treatment to any patient in Harris County in need of basic dental services. Our ultimate objective is to assist each patient with finding a Dental Home that can provide long term dental care.


  • Baytown Health and Wellness Clinic
  • Barrett Station/Riley Community Center
  • Sheldon ISD HUB

Hours of Operation: TBD

Phone Number: 832-927-7373

Eligibility Requirements

Harris County residents of all ages are eligible for the Portable Dental Program.

Clinical Services Offered

The Portable Dental Program will offer the following:

  • Limited dental treatment (hygiene, restorative)
  • Dental screenings
  • Dental education
  • Dental clinic referrals