Community Dental Services


The Community Dental Services program currently provides mobile dental services throughout Harris County utilizing our fully equipped mobile dental unit. The primary goal of the Community Dental Services program is to increase access to care for residents of Harris County who have limited options to obtain dental services in their community. This goal is accomplished by utilizing mobile dental services to eliminate barriers such as geographic location or lack of adequate transportation. The program was formally launched in October 2019 and has delivered preventive and restorative dental services at no cost in all four of the Harris County precincts.

To provide affordable, accessible, high-quality community-based healthcare services to Harris County residents most in need.

Mobile Dental Units

The goal of DHP's Mobile Dental Units is to provide dental treatment to any patient in Harris County in need of basic dental services. Learn more here.

Portable Dental Program

This program is currently under development. This Mobile Team will utilize portable dental equipment to take services into a variety of community settings to deliver care. Find out more about the services offered here.

Harris County Juvenile Probation Division

HCPH has partnered with Harris County Juvenile Probation Division (HCJPD) to ensure access to qualify dental services are provided to youth in custody. Learn more here.

Community Outreach

Discover ways in which our team works within our community to increase awareness and support of oral health and oral health education here.