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IMPORTANT: Guidance For Returning To Work After COVID-19 Illness Or Exposure
IMPORTANT: Guidance For Returning To Work After COVID-19 Illness Or Exposure

Please see the following resources for returning to work in non-healthcare settings following COVID-19 isolation or quarantine. This includes those individuals who may or may not have experienced symptoms but have tested positive for COVID-19 as well as those who were exposed to COVID-19 without wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Return To Work Guidance English | Spanish

General Information

Business Guidance for Mitigating the Spread
How Long Does COVID-19 Last On Surfaces?
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Reduce the Spread - How Face Masks Work
Viruses Don’t Discriminate and Neither Should We (PDF)
How to Wear a Face Mask Properly
NOTICE: FDA Recalls Hand Sanitizers

Community Health Guides

Harris County is home to many individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and races. To help ensure everyone represented has the resources needed for learning more about COVID-19 and staying healthy - especially any information that is unique to a community - Harris County Public Health (HCPH) has compiled select Community Health Guides that can be downloaded and shared.

COVID-19 Community Toolkit (Latinx)
COVID-19 Community Toolkit (Asian American)
COVID-19 Community Toolkit (African Americans)

Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing, or physical distancing, is recommended by health professionals to limit face-to-face contact and potentially slow the spread of infection. For full details on social distancing and other measures, please visit the CDC website or view the resources below.

Guidance for Self Isolation
Social Distancing and the Breathing Zone: Why 6 FT of Distance?
The Power Of Social Distancing

Testing for COVID-19

Testing is available for individuals who feel they have exhibited symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19), may have been exposed to an individual who tested positive, etc. For full details on the process for acquiring a free test and scheduling an appointment at a testing center nearest you, refer to Testing Locations and Information or view the resources below.

Mobile Testing: Acquiring Test Results, Baylor College of Medicine
Stationary Testing: Acquiring Test Results
What Happens At A Testing Site?

World Health Organization (WHO) Myth Busters

In an effort to combat misinformation, the World Health Organization created several infographics regarding frequently asked questions about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. We encourage you to share these across your network to help set the record straight about COVID-19.

For a complete list of WHO Myth Busters, go to the World Health Organization (WHO) website.