Organization & Offices

Disease Control & Clinical Prevention

Provides clinical, population-based preventive health services and population-focused disease control activities.

Mosquito & Vector Control

Protects the health and well-being of county residents to prevent and control mosquito-borne diseases.

Office of Communications, Education & Engagement

Informs, educates and engages Harris County residents.

Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response

Develops and implements a comprehensive, department-wide approach to public health preparedness and response activities.

Environmental Public Health

Protecting public health by ensuring the integrity of the food, water, neighborhood cleanliness, and hazard-free workplaces.

Nutrition & Chronic Disease Prevention

Operates twelve WIC sites and oversees programs for healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and physical activity, tobacco cessation, behavioral health and school health programs.

Office of Policy & Planning

Coordinates assessment, planning, evaluation and policy development activities across the HCPH organization.

Veterinary Public Health

Works in partnership with the community to create a safe and healthy environment for animals and people.

Office of Science, Surveillance and Technology

Office of Science, Surveillance and Technology

A center of excellence integrating Science, Surveillance/Epidemiology, and Technology to advance public health activities and related services to HCPH and the community.